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Fatigue Resistance SUS631 Stainless Steel Coil Strip For Petrochemicals

Fatigue Resistance SUS631 Stainless Steel Coil Strip For Petrochemicals
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Petrochemicals Stainless Steel Coil


Stainless Steel Strip Fatigue Resistance

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17-7PH(SUS 631) 07Cr17Ni7Al/UNS S17700/AISI 631
Based on 18-8CrNi developed austenite-martensite precipitation hardening stainless steel, also known as controlled phase change stainless steel. After solid solution treatment for unstable austenitic organization, has the good plastic toughness and processability, after adjustment, the austenitic precipitation carbide phenological composition change, again through martensitic transformation processing, most organizations into toughness good low-carbon tempered martensite, the state for the use of steel, has a good medium temperature mechanical properties. Corrosion resistance is better than ordinary martensitic stainless steel.


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17-7PH stainless steel belt is a kind of cold hardening or precipitation hardening with high elasticity, high fatigue resistance of spring materials, 17-7PH elastic properties are very good, not easy to appear elastic failure, after repeated use still has original strength elasticity, so 17-7PH stainless steel belt is generally used for some special requirements, Elastic requirements of high components, especially in the production of dynamic spring pieces, 17-7PH elastic efficiency than SUS301, 304 ordinary spring stainless steel more than ten times higher.


17-7pH stainless steel plate in seawater for 6 years, the corrosion rate of CH900 state is 3mm/ year, 300 degree pressurized water reactor, cold working C state under 137MPA stress no stress corrosion. Used within the elastic range of the product, the steel plate can return to its original position after unloading, work under alternating stress for a long time, has a high fatigue limit, and good anti-creep and anti-relaxation properties. Shanghai HAOSTEEL GROUP CO., LIMITED 17-7pH stainless steel plate can still maintain enough elastic limit and good creep resistance under high temperature conditions.


HAOSTEEL GROUP CO., LIMITED offers 17-7pH, PH15-7Mo heat treatment cryogenic processing, 17-7pH heat treatment process is divided into three categories: CH900,RH950,TH1050

HAOSTEEL GROUP CO., LIMITED can produce more than 30 different heat treatment schemes to achieve the mechanical design requirements of different products. The meaning represented by 17-7pH: PH is the abbreviation of Precipitation hardening English (Precipitation hardening), 17% of chromium content, and 7% of nickel content.




17-7 ph features:
The mechanical properties of 17-7pH are particularly excellent. 17-7pH is a kind of high elastic stainless steel containing aluminum AL as precipitation hardening phase. The chemical composition of 17-7pH needs to be precisely controlled within a reasonable range, so that RH950 and TH1050 can easily obtain better mechanical properties. 17-7PH is a hardened stainless steel with high strength, high hardness, fatigue resistance, excellent corrosion resistance and die malleability. HAOSTEEL GROUP CO., LIMITED 17-7PH high performance stainless steel belt is very suitable for making dynamic elastic parts, compared with ordinary SUS301, 304 only suitable for static elastic parts, 17-7PH more anti-fatigue characteristics.


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17-7PH Application areas:
Used in aerospace, chemical, petrochemical, paper and metal processing industry.

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