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Fire Fighting Systemnickel Steel Alloy Pipe Incoloy 926 N08926 1.4529 00Cr17Ni13Mo3

Fire Fighting Systemnickel Steel Alloy Pipe Incoloy 926 N08926 1.4529 00Cr17Ni13Mo3
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Material: Nickel Base Alloy Steel Metal Incoloy926 N08926 1.4529 00Cr17Ni13Mo3 Alloy Steel Plate Pipe
Type: Nickel Bar Plate Pipe Wire Coil
Grade: Nickel Base Alloy
Shape: Sheet/strip/pipe/wrie/bar/ect
Application: Industry Pump Shaft And Impeller Valve Core Oil Well Drill Collar Marine Fastener Marine Screw Shaft
Specification: BV, SGS
Dimensions: Customzied
Packages: In Bundles With Waterproof Material
Shipping Port: Shanghai
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nickel steel alloy


corrosion resistant steel alloys


high temperature alloys

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: HAOSTEEL
Certification: SGS, BV, CCIC
Model Number: Incoloy926
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: In bundles with waterproof material
Product Description



Nickel Base Alloy Steel Metal Incoloy926 N08926 1.4529 00Cr17Ni13Mo3 alloy steel plate pipe
Product Description
Incoloy926 is a nickel-based alloy containing titanium and aluminum. It contains enough chromium to form and maintain a sufficient scale of chromium oxide to protect it at high temperature.The higher nickel content makes it have better oxidation resistance than standard 18-8 stainless steel, and its oxidation resistance is no less than that of the higher grade alloy with the temperature up to 1900 ° f (1038 ° c).
Incoloy926 corresponds to national standard 00Cr17Ni13Mo3, standard: Incoloy926, N08926, German standard: 1.4529, x1nicrmocun25-20-7.
Physical properties: density: 8.1 g/cm3., melting point: 1320-1390 ℃, tensile strength: 650Rm N/mm2, yield strength: 295 rp0.2n /mm2, elongation: a5% : 35.Properties: 1. High resistance to spot and crevice corrosion in halide medium and acid medium containing H2S.2. It can effectively resist chloride ion stress corrosion cracking in practical application.3. Good corrosion resistance to all kinds of corrosion in the normal oxidation and reduction environment.4. The mechanical properties are significantly improved compared with that of Cronifer 1925 lc-alloy 904 L.5, compared with the same series of nickel content 18% alloy metallurgical stability has been significantly improved.6, with the application of pressure vessel manufacturing certification (VdTUV-196 ~ 400℃ and ASME certification).
Chemical Composition

Alloy % Ni Cr C Mn Si Cu Mo N P S
926 min 24 19       0.5 6.0 0.15    
max 26 21 0.02 2 0.5 1.5 7.0 0.25 0.03 0.01

Room temperature mechanical properties:

Aolly Tensile strength
Rm N/mm2
yield strength
A5 %
926 650 295 35

Incoloy 926 features:1. It has higher anti-crevice corrosion point and can be used in acid containing medium.2. Effective resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking has been proved in practice. 3. All kinds of corrosive environments have good corrosion resistance.4. Mechanical properties are better than Alloy 904 L.Corrosion resistance:926 is an austenitic stainless steel alloy, similar to 904 L alloy, with nitrogen content of 0.2% and molybdenum content of 6.5%.Molybdenum and nitrogen content greatly increase the resistance to crevice corrosion.At the same time, nickel and nitrogen can not only improve the stability, but also can reduce the tendency to separate the crystal heat process or welding process than the nitrogen content of nickel alloys.The 926 has certain corrosion resistance in chloride ions due to local corrosion properties and 25% nickel alloy content.Various experiments with limestone desulfurization island slurry at chlorine concentration of 10000-70000 PPM, ph 5-6,50 ~ 68℃ operating temperature show that 926 alloy has seamless corrosion and pitting during the 1-2 year trial period.926 also has excellent corrosion resistance in high temperature, high concentration media, including sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, acid gas, sea water, salt and organic acid.In addition, to obtain the best corrosion resistance, ensure regular cleaning.
Incoloy 926 Variety Specification and Supply Status:
1. Variety classification: Incoloy 926 seamless pipe, Incoloy 926 steel plate, Incoloy 926 round steel, Incoloy 926 forging, Incoloy 926 flange, Incoloy 926 ring, Incoloy 926 welded pipe, Incoloy 926 steel strip, Incoloy 926 wire and matching welding materials can be produced. A kind of
2. Delivery status: seamless pipe: solid solution + acid white, length can be fixed; sheet: solid solution, pickling, trimming; welded pipe: solid solution acid white + RT% flaw detection, forging: annealing + auto polishing; bar by forging, surface polishing or auto polishing; strip by cold rolling, solid solution soft, deoxidized skin delivery; wire by solid solution acid dish or straight strip Delivery in the state of fine polishing of straight strips in solid solution.

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Fire Fighting Systemnickel Steel Alloy Pipe Incoloy 926 N08926 1.4529 00Cr17Ni13Mo3 0
Incoloy926 applications: fire-fighting system, water purification systems, hydraulic and infusion pipeline system in ocean engineering, cellulose pulp bleaching pool, corrosion in the production of oil Wells in the polished rod, ocean engineering systems, acid gas in the production of pipe, hose connectors, such as air flow system, components of flue gas desulfurization system, evaporator, heat exchanger in H3PO4 production, filter, mixer, separation and condensation system - H2SO4.

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