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Buttweld Reducing Straight Stainless Steel Cross Welding Casting JIS B2311

Buttweld Reducing Straight Stainless Steel Cross Welding Casting JIS B2311
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Material: Stainless Steel
Technics: Casting
Connection: Welding
Shape: Equal
Application: Connect Pipes
Standard: DIN,ANSI
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Buttweld Straight Stainless Steel Cross


Welding Casting Stainless Steel Cross


JIS B2311 Stainless Steel Cross

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Stainless steel Reducing Cross Straight Cross



The butt welding four pass has equal diameter and reducing diameter, equal diameter four pass pipe end is the same size; The size of the main pipe of the four reducers is the same, while the size of the branch pipe is smaller than that of the main pipe. Butt-welding four-way is a pipe fitting used at a branch of a pipeline. For the use of seamless tube manufacturing welding four, the current process is usually used hydraulic bulging and hot pressing two.

Equal diameter four-way stainless steel pipe fittings, both ends of the same diameter, branch pipe and other two diameters are different called reducing four-way. For an equal diameter quad-way, for example, "T3" quad-way means an equal diameter quad-way with an outside diameter of 3 inches. For reducing quads, for example, "T4×4×3.5" means four inches in the same diameter and 3.5 inches in different diameter. Four-way, outside diameter range from 2.5 "-60", from 26 "-60" for welding four-way. Wall thickness of 28-60 mm.

The manufacturing method of high pressure four-way pipe fittings is used to manufacture high pressure four-way pipe fittings with various specifications and better quality for smaller power equipment. The method of the invention is to make the tube billet into torpedo shape and cut a small hole in the middle part of the tube billet, heat the tube billet to forging temperature and put it between an upper die and a lower die with curved surface, while the upper die puts radial pressure on the tube billet, use a pull block mounted inside the hole to stretch the tube billet along the axial direction of the small hole at a certain rate to form it. In the high pressure four-way pipe fitting, the groove connecting pipe fitting which plays the role of connecting and sealing mainly consists of three parts: sealing rubber ring, clamp and locking bolt. The rubber sealing ring located in the inner layer is placed on the outside of the connected pipe, and is consistent with the pre-rolled groove, and then buckle the clamp on the outside of the rubber ring, and then tighten it with two bolts.

Alloy steel four-way stainless steel pipe fitting is an iron-carbon alloy consisting of an appropriate amount of one or more alloying elements added on the basis of ordinary carbon steel. According to the different added elements, and adopt appropriate processing technology, can obtain high strength, high toughness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, non-magnetic and other special properties. In general, when the content of alloying elements is higher, it can be significantly changed. For example, when the content of nickel or manganese is high, the γ phase region can be extended to below room temperature, so that the steel becomes a single-phase austenite structure; When silicon or chromium content is high, it can make the γ phase area shrink very small or even completely disappear, so that the steel at any temperature is ferrite organization.

Size range: Seamless, DN15 - DN600 (1/2" - 24"); Welded, DN15 - DN1200 (1/2" - 48")

Manufacturing Standard: National Standard: GB/T12459, GB/T13401, HG/T21635, HG/T21631

American Standard: ASME/ANSI B16.9MSS SP43

Japanese standard: JIS B 2311/2220

German standard: DIN2605/2616/2615/2617

Russian standard: GOST 17375/17376 and so on

Non-standard customized processing drawings are also acceptable

Material: stainless steel OCr18Ni9,0Cr18Ni9Ti,1Cr18Ni9Ti;304,304L,316,316L,316Ti,317,317L,321,321H,310,310S;1.4301,1.4306,1.4401,1.4435,1.4571,1.4436,1.4438,1.4541;08X18H10(0X18H10), 03X18H11(000X18H11),03X17H14M2 (000X17H13M2) ;08X18H10T(0X18H10T)

Duplex stainless steel ASTM A815-S31803, S32205, S32750, S32760

Super Stainless Steel ASTM 904L, B366-N08904, A403-WP317, 317L, 254SMO(UNS S31254)

[Product Features] It has good corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, rust resistance, good hardness, strong durability, smooth surface

[Production process] Pickling, sand blasting and roller polishing of hot pressing forming steel plate

[Product features] acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, long service life, beautiful appearance

【 Application 】 Chemical industry, petroleum, electric power, water supply, shipbuilding, nuclear energy, biopharmaceutical, paper making

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